Notary Services


Many countries, especially those countries who are not part of the Hague Convention require a document to be “Certified” not “Apostilled” by the Secretary of State and then Legalized.  The Legalization process is usually done at the Consulate or Embassy of a particular country.  It involves having the document inspected by an Embassy official and then having a ribbon, label or stamp affixed to the document to show that it has been legalized.

There are a number of elements required for a document to be Legalized. The Embassy for each country will have different requirements. For example the requirements to Legalize a document for China are different than the requirements for Thailand or Qatar.

Embassies are jurisdictional meaning the location of where the document was signed determines which Embassy it must be legalized in.

The variables that an embassy requires for Legalizing a document include:

  • Number of Copies
  • State Apostille or Federal Apostille
  • Fee per document
  • Method of payment – personal check, corporate check, credit card, money order etc.
  • Turnaround time
  • Accompanying corporate documents including Certificate of Authority, Certificate of Good Standing Etc.
  • Embassy Application
  • Personal ID of signer including Drivers License or Passport
  • Translation Required

New York Mobile Notary has many years experience assisting our clients with the Legalization of Documents. We’ve created a Reference Manual which lists the Embassy Requirements for each country throughout the world. We also have long term working relationships with each embassy as we hand deliver documents to them on a regular basis. Our clients can utilize our service for Legalizations with the confidence and peace of mind that we will handle these assignments with a positive outcome. Our prices are competitive with discount applied to multiple documents.