Notary Services

Corporate Offices

Mobile Notary Services has it’s corporate headquarters located on the entire 4th floor at 22 Park Place in downtown New York city. The office serves as the “nerve center” of our base of operations for our New York, New Jersey and nationwide operations. Unlike our competitors who are mom and pop one man shows communicating on cell phones in between jobs, our in house staff assists in managing over 50 assignments a day efficiently and seamlessly.

Whether a notary, fingerprint, passport, visas or document expediting inquiry, our schedulers note all client’s contact information in our proprietary database management software. The request is then sent to our job estimators who determine the scope of the work, and travelling distance to determine pricing and a formal quote is then sent to the client via email, or verbally over the phone. Our clients can accept the quote via verbal confirmation, email or through the “booking portal” on our website. After a mutually agreeable date, time and place location is agreed upon a written confirmation is sent to the client. In addition prior to each appointment customers are sent a courtesy email or call letting them know when they can expect the arrival of our staff. Upon completion of the various services we offer our customer service representatives will do the following:

Within 24 hours of a completed job, an invoice detailing the transaction is emailed or mailed to the client.

For Real Estate Closings, our post closing department checks each document to make sure all signatures and notarizations are done correctly. All information to be faxed or emailed to the title company are sent and the original documents are sent Fedex the same day as required.

Our Embassy and Consulate expediting department notifies each client with a copy of the “receipt” so clients know exactly when they can expect the return of their completed documents.

Our Passport and Visa Department is in constant contact with state and government agencies throughout the world making sure that all client requests are moving forward toward completion.

Our back office team upon request can scan documents if needed as well as log tracking numbers, for delivered documents and hand delivered signatures. In this way we have a readily available record of all completed transactions.

As mentioned, the back office support provided at our home office differentiated us from our competitors guaranteeing out clients superior service. It provides us with unparalleled capacity as well as nationwide reach. Our motto is 24-7-365 days a year anytime, anywhere. We believe that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Our clients rely on us not only to make sure everything foes perfect for them, our clients rely on us to make sure everything goes perfectly. Our clients rely on us to make sure everything goes perfectly, from arriving on time to knowing exactly what needs to be. Equally important is the “piece of mind” that our clients have knowing we will always be on time and there for them.